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Ultimate Baby Bundle

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We put all of our 100% organic baby skincare essentials in one bundle. Think of it as a handy kit to help you survive baby's first six months. 

Safely and gently nourish and protect baby’s delicate skin with full sizes of these 100% organic baby essentials at a 25% savings:

3.2 fl oz (47 ml) Bun Glaze is a hands-free, mess-free all-everything balm to protect baby's most sensitive areas. Soothing botanicals like chamomile and calendula help cool and comfort irritated skin, while beeswax and cocoa butter create a natural barrier against moisture and bacteria. Loaded with natural Vitamins A, D and E.

2 oz (57g) On The Spot is a multi-purpose stick to help you tackle those dry, itchy days. Our combination of Shea butter, beeswax and coconut oil keeps skin smooth and leaves it feeling refreshed in any condition. Use it for scrapes, burns, bites and rashes, as well as a barrier from wind and moisture. Comes in a convenient twist-up stick that slides easily into a purse or diaper bag.

2 fl oz. (59 ml) Rubbit Oil is the ultimate lightweight bath and massage oil, and the perfect alternative to lotions. Vitamins A, D and E, and skin-healing calendula flowers moisturize all-day, while the light scent of mandarin essential oil leaves baby smelling clean, but still quintessentially baby.

8 oz. (227g) Oatmeal Cookie Bath is the easy way to soothe and rejuvenate your skin. Little ones love it and so do busy moms. So fill up warm bath, drop in some Oatmeal Cookie Bath, and just relax. Your skin will thank you.

6.3 fl oz. (186 ml) Bluebird Castile Soap is entirely plant-based and contains just seven certified organic ingredients, including aromatherapy quality essential oils for fragrance. Just one pump of our super foaming bubbles is all you need to leave skin soft, smooth and squeaky clean.

Hulababy Bar Soap is the perfect long-lasting bar soap for babies and bodies of all ages. Hulababy is so gentle you can even use it as shampoo!

We go out of our way to leave the tiniest footprint possible. From ingredients to packaging, our products are made as sustainably and ethically as possible. We source all of our raw materials and supplies as close to our production facility as possible, most within a 100-mile radius. Our clothing never leaves the Carolinas during the entire manufacturing process. Start-to-finish, it travels 194 miles before being shipped to us.

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