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When we found out our first daughter was on the way we did what most first-time parents do: yeah, we panicked. Then we looked high and low for the best baby stuff we could find. But when it came to skincare and clothing, the choices weren’t just mind-boggling, they were frustrating. That was 2010. 

By the time our first daughter was born, we'd already been researching organic skincare products for months. What’s safe? What’s healthy? and honestly, we're just weren't satisfied with what was out there. And we decided to do something about it. We introduced a skincare line that was not only all-natural and truly organic, but also sustainable and reasonably priced.

Right around the time our second little girl arrived, we planted the seeds for our organic clothing line. What we wanted seemed simple enough: fun, fresh baby wear that’s safe and super-durable. And we only had two conditions: it must be Made in the USA, and everything had to be natural. Easy, right? Well, it took us almost three years to track down the U.S.-grown cotton, the natural dye house and the non-toxic printers who shared our same vision. But creating our own natural, breathable and sustainable clothing was worth it!


Well, we brainstormed a bunch of names but nothing really resonated. They were too “cute.” Then one day, we were sitting with our oldest daughter and it just hit: Nyme, as in “seven, eight, Nyme.” That’s how she learned to count, and it became one of those tender little moments that make moms and dads smile. We loved it and now our family will forever be part of our brand.


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